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Purges and lubricates all types of handpieces
Whether contra-angle and straight handpieces, air turbines and air scalers, Lubrina offers you highly efficient and user-friendly handpiece maintenance - fully automatic. By replacing the joints, Lubrina can make the maintenance of the contra-angle of Tri Auto ZX and DentaPort ZX, the air turbine handpiece (ISO 9168 joint) and contra –angle and straight handpieces from other manufacturers (ISO 3964 joint).
Servicing 4 handpieces in only 100 seconds
Lubrina can service up to four handpieces in 100 sec. – including lubrication, purging and chuck maintenance. Compared with manual lubrication, Lubrina requires only 1/3 of the lubricant.
Built-in chuck maintenance system
Lubrina is the first handpiece maintenance unit with a built-in chuck maintenance system (only for Morita's instruments).
Unique dual lubrication system
Featuring a one-of-a-kind dual lubrication system, Lubrina enables lubrication of two instruments with one spray -or, if so desired, the use of two different sprays. Lubrina requires no special spray. It can be operated with any authorized brand by using an optional spray base adapter.
Air suction system
The air suction system eliminates lubricant mist, so there is less smell by oil. Excess lubricant goes to the lubricant absorber through a return circuit to keep clean the operating area.
Lubricant indicator
To reduce maintenance failure, Lubrina is equipped with a lubrication sensor, signaling when spray is empty with an illuminated light.
Selectable lubrication time option
Lubrina allows you to select between two lubrication time modes: short mode and long mode.


  • Set

    - 1 Lubrina
    - 2 E-coupling for micro motor handpiece
    - 2 AR oil spray base for Morita oil spray
    - 1 Oil filter (5 pcs/pack)
    - 1 Tray filter

  • Accessories

    4H-coupling for TwinPower turbine

    Order no. 2595-110



    Order no. 2595-130


    K-coupling for KaVo turbine

    Order no. 2595-150


    DP-coupling for DentaPort handpiece

    Order no. 2595-120

    Coupling for Morita Alpha turbines

    Order no. 2595-140


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