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Greater freedom
The fundamental concept of the SIGNO G10 II OTP is greater freedom – without dispensing with absolute safety. Standard high-quality technology by Morita combines with innovative functions to offer you outstanding results. A high degree of comfort, flexibility, and a sophisticated hygiene design ensure a comfortable environment for you and your patients.

The model with over-the-patient delivery is extremely variable. So, for example, the five-jointed swing arm has a very wide swivel range, which allows you to position the operator’s element freely.

1. Over-the-patient delivery: Intuitive operator panel
The operator panel on the operator´s element allows you to control the patient chair and instrument functions with the push of a button. The easy-to-understand symbols and LED display keep you in control at all times and show all instrument parameters: quick and easy selection of instrument speed, direction of rotation, scaler intensity, instrument spray, and brightness of instrument lighting.

2. Safe and ergonomic operation using foot control
As an alternative to the quick-operation buttons on the operator panel, you can control the patient chair and instrument functions conveniently and hygienically with the foot control. Your hands remain free – so you can concentrate totally on the treatment. Its stability, slip-resistance, and the ergonomically arranged controls make the foot control an integral part of your workstation – and not just for standard functions.

3. Total illumination with LEDs
The SIGNO G10 II OTP is equipped as standard with a single LED LunaVue ES OP light. The LED light emits minimal heat and consumes very little power. Twelve powerful LEDs in the optional LunaVue ELII provide even better lighting conditions and a broad and evenly illuminated treatment field – with a light output up to 30,000 lux. In both versions the light can be flexibly and safely positioned with five swivel joints.

4. Flexible over-the-patient tray for optimal positioning
The five-jointed swing arm is equipped with a spring-supported height adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust the operator panel to any desired position for treatment. Because the arm has an extremely wide swivel range, the operator´s element can be positioned exactly as required. Because the arm has an extremely wide swivel range, the operator´s element can be positioned exactly as required. And it easily swivels throughout a wide range so you always have what you need in easy reach – ensuring ergonomic access to all your instruments in every treatment position. The SIGNO G10 II OTP lets you and your team remain in a relaxed position, even when you’re treating a patient alone.

5. Wide range of instruments
The SIGNO G10 II OTP has a wide and flexible range of instruments: multifunctional syringe (pen type), one or two turbines with light, one Torx TR-91 micro motor with LED, and an ultrasonic scaler.

6. Comfortable assistant´s element
The assistant´s element integrates practical operator panels for adjusting the patient chair and the cuspidor. The tray can be positioned as needed and enables an upright sitting posture for the assistant that prevents bending of the back.
Everything within reach with the flexible pivoting arm of the assistant´s element. It provides the assistant with optimal access to all instruments. The extendable arm also makes it easy for you as the practitioner to work alone in an ergonomically comfortable position.

7. Large storage space
The FreeAction additional tray offers extra storage space and can be easily adjusted for all treatment scenarios. Freely pivoting and ceiling-mounted, you can easily position the tray as needed.

8. Upright seating
Both the dentist’s and assistant’s operating stools in the SIGNO G10 II OTPunit meet all requirements for a healthy and upright posture. Both chairs can be rotated 360°, and they are equipped with five stable casters and a backrest that ensures an upright posture. The armrests on the OS-LNII operating stools provide support during long preparations. An optimal seat height can be easily, conveniently, and hygienically adjusted with the large foot ring. The height of the OS-N assistant's chair can be adjusted with a hand-operated knob.
More comfort – more relaxation for your patients
The objective is to make their visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible for your patients. It starts with easy access into and out of the treatment unit and continues with a comfortable adjustable position for the patient. You are supported by the versatile adjustment options of the SIGNO G10 II and the elegant, minimalist design of the workstation also helps induce a relaxed environment.

1. Hydraulic drive for gentle positioning
The hydraulic drive moves your patients into the required position easily and without perceptible start and stop movements, and ensures that even older and anesthetized patients stay comfortable during treatment. This allows you to focus on your treatment field. And once the OP light has been aligned to the work area, it automatically adjusts every time the patient chair is adjusted.

2. Flexible height adjustment for easy entry
With its flexible height adjustment, the SIGNO G10 II allows the patient chair to be adjusted to very low positions. This feature simplifies the first steps toward successful dental treatment for your small patients or patients with restricted range of movement.

3. Ergonomic backrest
With its ergonomic contour, the upholstery on the backrest is comfortable for the patient and also gives you the best possible access to them.

4. Comfortable sitting area
The comfortable upholstery in the sitting area helps patients relax. The material of the upholstery has a pleasant, moistureregulating surface and is available in two texture qualities. Its modern colors also add to the relaxed atmosphere of your office.
Better communication – better advice
Good communication inspires trust – which is a good basis for a sustainable dentist-patient relationship. The SIGNO G10 II OTP offers functions and additional equipment that allow you to demonstrate diagnostic results and treatment stages in a simple and easy-to-understand manner that ensures the best possible communication and consultation with your patients. The foldaway mirror can be used to show patients the condition of their teeth. This helps you explain all the required measures before or during treatment.

1. LED OP light with foldaway mirror
The foldaway mirror can be used to show patients the condition of their teeth. This helps you explain all the required measures before or during treatment.

2. Convenient USB port for multimedia
The operator´s element has a USB port for a wide range of multimedia applications. For example, you can use it to attach an intraoral camera, mouse, or mobile device.
Maximum hygiene standards – maximum efficiency
There can be no compromise on hygiene – which is why the comprehensive hygiene concept of the SIGNO G10 II OTP uses components designed for hygiene from the ground up. The design makes it easy for you and your team to maintain high standards of hygiene safely in a minimum amount of time – for efficient processes and simplified workflows in your practice. The smooth, hygienic surfaces are easy to clean and the handles are easy to remove, and of course they can be thermally disinfected or sterilized.

1. Daily hose flushing
The flushing system of the SIGNO G10 II OTP is designed for the simple and reliable daily flushing of instrument hoses that supply water, and is another contribution to hygienic and efficient practice processes.

2. Safe sterilization and water reprocessing systems
You can always be sure that the water quality is safe with SIGNO G10 II OTP. It includes effective systems for continuous sterilization and for occasional intensive sterilization:
- Sterapore air and water filters
- Integrated water reprocessing
- Bottle system
- Intensive sterilization

3. Hands-free operation using the foot control
Hands remain free, and you can set the most important instrument parameters and patient chair function with the foot control – you can even switch the OP light on and off. The result: improved hygiene during all steps of treatment.

4. Easily cleaned cuspidor
The transparent cuspidor is made of robust glass. It can be removed and disinfected easily. The surfaces are smooth and hygienic because they can be cleaned easily. Alternatively, you can choose a ceramic cuspidor. Its special surface coating repels bacteria and is very hygienic.

5. Efficient reprocessing
Easy access is essential for effective preparation, cleaning, and care – including use of the vacuum filter and siphon.


SIGNO G10 II OTP (over-the-patient delivery)


- Patient chair
- Oil hydraulics
- Standard headrest or multi-jointed headrest
- Armrest on dentist side
- Armrest on assistant side
- Backrest
- Foot control
- Operating stool, three versions
- LED OP light, two versions
- Operator's element as over-the-patient delivery
- USB port on operator's element

- Tablet holder on operator's element
- Silicon tray sheet
- 22” monitor on light pole
- Ceiling-mounted additional tray
- Glass or ceramic cuspidor
- Quick connectors for fresh water and compressed air
- Warm-water boiler
- Amalgam separator
- RKI-certified hose flushing system for water hoses
- Sterapore microfilter system for fresh water and compressed air

Instruments on assistant's element

- Instrument holder for up to three instruments
- Multifunctional syringe
- Spray-mist suction device
- Saliva ejector

  • Operator's element Multi-functional syringe
    Operator's element Multi-functional syringe
    • Integration into operator's and assistant’s element
      - Available also in an LED version
  • Turbine – TwinPower
    Turbine – TwinPower

    - Double-impeller technology with 18 - 25 Watt
    - Head size: ø 9,00 mm - 12,0 mm
    - Weight: 45 - 53 Gramm
    - Push-button chuck for Morita, KaVo, Sirona, W&H, NSK

  • Contra Angles / Attachments – TorqTech Series
    Contra Angles / Attachments – TorqTech Series

    - Straight, blue handpiece (1:1)
    - Red (1:5) contra-angle handpieces
    - Green contra-angle handpieces

  • Motors

    - Air motor – AirTorx
    - Micro motor – Torx

  • Scaler

    Air scaler - AirSolfy
    - Oscillating frequency
    5,500 – 6,500 Hz
    - Compatible with quick couplings

  • High-performance LED curing light
    High-performance LED curing light
    • output of 2000 mW/cm²
      - effective polymerization is possible in 3 seconds
      - Integration into operator's element

  • Ultrasonic scaler – Ultrasonic Suprasson
    - Scaling with 27 kHz
    - Comprehensive range of tips
    - Equipped with LED light

    Connection to other scalers
    - EMS
    - Satellec

  • Available colors
    Available colors

    Gloss black

  • Cool violet

  • Sweet brown

  • Fresh green

  • Shiny silver

  • Splash yellow

  • Honey pink

  • Upholstery with extra charge
    Upholstery with extra charge

    Onyx black

  • Garnet red

  • Tourmalin green

  • Tanzanite blue

  • Citrine gold

  • Peridot green

  • Opal white

  • Cuspidor

    Glass pink

  • Glass orange

  • Glass green

  • Glass clear

  • Ceramic black

  • Ceramic blue

  • Ceramic white


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