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Unique double-impeller technology
The unique double impeller heightens torque by up to 50 percent, and improves torque stability – including under high levels of strain. The device’s steady removal power promotes silky smooth preparation, with substantially greater precision.
Even the Ultramini series, with their only nine millimeter in diameter heads, deliver a unique preparation power ranging up to 20 watts.
The air from the drive nozzles drives the primary impeller. The exhaust air is channeled via ribs and drives the second impeller. The result: extremely high and steady torque, even under a load.
Quick-stop system
Thanks to the unique and patented quick-stop system, tooth preparation with TwinPower becomes more precise, and your patients experience greater comfort during treatment. This in turn also reduces the risk of injury. The unique TwinPower Plus quick-stop system enables the turbine to stop in only two seconds without any jolts or hesitation. This in turn promotes tooth preparation accuracy and efficiency.
Zero suck-back effect
The zero suck-back effect promotes optimal hygiene:

1. The drive air flows into an anti-suck back diffuser (ASBD) that is located inside the impeller capsule. The ABSD builds up air pressure thanks to the centrifugal force engendered by rotation.
2. The rotation and centrifugal force enable the air to flow into the ASBD, where it remains compressed – even after the drive air ceases to flow.
3. The compressed air in the ASBD is expelled on the lower side of the head.
4. The exhaust air is also expelled by the impeller on the lower side of the head, via the ASBD.
5. The air pressure that builds up in the ASBD prevents pressure loss in the head, thus completely eliminating the suck-back effect.
Compact turbine heads
The small instrument heads of the Ultra series with a diameter of 9 mm provide not only a clear and direct view of your work area but also sufficient room for movement when treating molars. The head angle of 15° adds to treatment comfort. For this reason these turbines are particularly suitable for dental work on children and older patients as both these age-groups have difficulty opening their mouths very wide.
Compatible coupling system
The new coupling system in the TwinPower turbines is also compatible with devices made by other manufacturers. To find your coupling system, click on the following link.
Comfortable even during intensive use
Thanks to their compact and lightweight design, our TwinPower turbines deliver outstanding operating comfort, even when used intensively. Their extremely light weight (only 50 grams) reduces strain on the hand and finger muscles and tendons.
Quiet operation
The latest advances in fluid dynamics eliminate the highly uncomfortable noise generated by high speed turbines that operate in the 6 to 7 kHz range. As a result, preparation work with the turbine is quieter and more agreeable for both the dental practice team as well as the patient.
Uncomfortably cold air at the preparation point is now a thing of the past
Excess drive air is channeled sideways almost imperceptibly, in order to spare the patient the normally uncomfortable sensation engendered by the stream of cold air from the turbine handpiece. Neither patients nor the practice team experience any unpleasant sensation of cold at the preparation point.
Fiberglass light guide
The fiberglass light guide guarantees a constant brightness (25,000 lux) and significantly improved stability even after countless sterilization cycles in the autoclave (135° C).
Push-button clamping system
The easy to handle and highly precise metal clamping system ensures that preparation instruments remain in place. At the same time, the push-button clamping system has been designed and endurance tested for a long service life.


We offer a variety of models within the TwinPower series. The turbines can be divided into two series which themselves include various models:

1. TwinPower Turbine
2. TwinPower Turbine Ultra

  • Please refer to the Technical Details for further details of all models in the TwinPower Series.

  • Set

    - 1 Contra angle turbine
    - 1 Specimen
    - 1 AR oil spray 400 ml

  • Accessories

    4-hole coupling CP4-WO with halogen light and water-regulating mechanism

    Order no. 2552

    O-rings for CP4WO/WLD couplings

    Order no. N5811835

    Spare LED

    Order no. N5011575

    Rotor cartridge for TwinPower Turbine PAR-4HEX-O

    Order no. N5010862

    Spray adapter for TwinPower PAR-4HX-O-KV for KaVo couplings

    Order no. N5010293

    4-hole coupling CP4-WLD with LED light and water-regulating mechanism

    Order no. 2552-010

    Spare halogen lamp

    Order no. E7249365

    Rotor cartridge for TwinPower Turbine PAR-4HX-O

    Order no. N5010863

    Rotor cartridge for TwinPower Turbine PAR-4HMX-O

    Order no. N5010872



Our TwinPower turbines are compatible with the following coupling systems:

Can I also connect the TwinPower to my quick-coupling from KaVo?

Yes. For this, you will need the turbine angle-piece which is provided for the KaVo coupling. Please state that you use a KaVo coupling when placing an order.

Is the TwinPower Turbine also available with LED light?


How long is the warranty period for the turbines?

Your TwinPower turbine has a warranty for two years – unless you have reached a different agreement with your dealer. The purchase date is decisive.

What is the speed of the TwinPower?

The Ultra turbines both have a speed of 370.000 rpm. This can vary by +/- 30.000 rpm according to requirements.

What is the difference between the TwinPower Ultra and TwinPower?

The difference between the TwinPower Ultra (Ultra E and Ultra M) and the TwinPower is the size of its head. In addition, the TwinPower with the type designation PAR-4HX-O has the highest output at 25 W. The Ultra series covers a power range of 18 – 20 W.

Will my air polisher fit on the Morita coupling?


Is there also a TwinPower with 45° head?

Yes, it has the type designation PAR-4HEX-O-45.

What method do I have to use for preparing the turbines?

You can carry out preparation of your turbines either manually or by machine. To do so, please observe our guidelines for your daily hygiene plan.

Can the TwinPower be placed in a thermal disinfector?

Yes. Our TwinPower has the appropriate symbol for this.

How often do I have to oil the turbine contra angle pieces?

You should oil your TwinPower turbines after 20 minutes use (in total over the day). This maintenance is necessary for the TwinPower turbines because the air pressure blows the ball bearings “dry” during use. Oil your TwinPower regularly and you will be able to use it for a very long time to come.

Why are the turbines so expensive?

The TwinPower turbines are manufactured with a special surface which doesn’t only allow the instruments to look good for longer, it also makes them more resistant to the cleaning and disinfecting processes. In addition, the TwinPower’s drive is generated by double impellers which are made of very fine rotor blades. The intricate production of these rotor blades is very complex.

Why are the turbines so powerful?

This is due to the double impellers that use the air twice enabling them to provide a constant high level of output over a wide speed range. In this way, they are very similar to high-speed motors.

Where is it possible to get the turbines repaired, if necessary?

Within Germany, please send your TwinPower direct to Morita in Dietzenbach:

J. Morita Europe GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 27a
63128 Dietzenbach
If sending in for repair, please complete the Repair Order and include it with your delivery. Within Europe, please contact your local dealer. They usually have their own repair centers.

How much is a replacement rotor?

The recommended retail price is around € 280. Please contact your local dealer for your individual price.

Is it also possible for me to prepare the turbines manually?

Yes, our TwinPower turbines have been verified by an independent survey by Dresden University. You can read a summary of the survey results here.

How many lux has the TwinPower instrument lamp got?

25.000 Lux

Is there also a TwinPower for treating children?

The turbines of the Ultra series are particularly suitable for the treatment of children as well as older patients. Because of the small instrument head, patients no longer have to open their mouth so wide but at the same time you still have a perfect view of the treatment area.

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