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Creation of volume renderings
Volume rendering displays a solid 3D image showing the bone structure and dental arch. The volume rendered image is linked to the slices and moves in real time whenever a slice is adjusted.
Mandibular Canal Depiction
i-Dixel offers a drawing function for the mandibular canal to highlight its location relative to the implant site, as well as its buccal, and lingual location.
Implant Presentation Preparation
This feature allows you to specify the length and diameter of implant fixtures and paste them into the image. This presentation is easily understood by patients and helps with case acceptance.
One-Data & One-Volume Viewers
Installing i-Dixel software on all intra-clinic computers enables sharing of image data on each linked computer. Observation of images on non-network computers can be achieved with One Data Viewer without installing i-Dixel.
One Data Viewer-Software , One Data Viewer EX, One Data Viewer Plus (Optional)
In addition to the One Data Viewer EX functions, the Plus version provides distance and angle measurement, zooming, image reversal, and additional adjustments for brightness, contrast, and gamma curve.
DICOM 3.0 Compatible
i-Dixel Supports the following DICOM Service Classes:

1. Modality worklist management service class
2. Storage service class
3. Modality performed procedure step service class
4. Print management service class
Background Colors
Select any one of the 4 background colors available.
Curved MPR-Processing
Create cross sections that are perpendicular to the dental arch.
Print Center Layouts
Easy to use, the templates were designed for easy set-up and printing.


  • i-Dixel full version (Order no. 1500-100)



    - 10 i-Dixel Client software
    - One Data Viewer Plus
    - One Volume Viewer
    - Dicom Print Service Class
    - Dicom Storage Service Class


    Dicom Modality Worklist managment
    class SCU

    Order no. 1500-260

    i-Dixel client license (additional workplace) for all Veraviewepocs models

    Order no. 1500-301

  • i-Dixel client license (additional workplace)
    for all Accuitomo models

    Order no. 1500-300


Technical requirements

i-Dixel Server can be installed on Windows Server 2003, 2008R2 and 2012R2. Please find more recommendations and requirements below:

- No support for AMD processors
- SQL2008R2 Express and i-Dixel installation on the server are required
- Each panorama picture requires 5 MB and each CBCT picture (depending on FOV) requires between 50 - 150 MB disk space.

i-Dixel Client can be installed on Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Please find more recommendations and requirements below:

- i-Dixel 64bit from Version 2.150
- Windows Vista not supported
- Windows Home editions not supported
- AMD processors not supported
- Note on back-up of data:
The person bearing responsibility for the data back-up prescribed by law shall be the operator of the unit in question. The database must be backed up each working day by saving to some external storage medium.

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