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Precise and reliable measuring results
The DentaPort Root ZX delivers absolutely precise measurements, independently of any flushing or rinsing fluids or blood which may be present in the root canal.
Large color display
The DentaPort Root ZX excels with its clearly structured large LCD color display – with clear bargraph indicator and high image contrast. In this way, it is able to illustrate the exact position of the file in the root canal.
Acoustic signals for more safety
When the file reaches – or is just short of reaching – the apex, a signal is emitted that makes it easier for the dentist to navigate in the root canal.
No zero adjustment – always immediately ready for use
It is not necessary to set the device on zero before measuring each individual canal.
Light but stable casing
Automatic calibration
For the highest possible precision – even with changing canal conditions.
Modular expansion with the DentaPort TriAuto OTR
In combination with the DentaPort TriAuto OTR, you can upgrade the DentaPort Root ZX into an easy to use endodontic motor with measurement and polymerization function. If you already use a DentaPort Root ZX module, you can upgrade it with a preparation function.


  • Set



    Ni-MH battery
    Order no. 6905-006
    External file electrode DP-TR2
    Order no. 6905-010
    Saliva ejector clamp white
    Order no. 6950-003
    Function tester MF
    Order no. 6960-012
    CE probe
    Order no. 6950-011




    - 1 Root canal measuring device
    - 1 Measuring cable (Order no. 6950-011)
    - 5 Mucosal electrodes (Order no. 6950-004)
    - 3 File clamps (Order no. 6950-005)
    - 1 Test plug (Order no. 6960-012)
    - 3 DC 1,5V-AA batterias



    Long file touch probe (autoclavable)
    Order no. 6905-009
    Contrary electrode (autoclavable)
    Order no. 6950-004
    File holder grey (autoclavable)
    Order no. 6950-005
    AR/LS spray noozle
    Order no. 6905-011


I have had a DentaPort Root ZX apex locator for a large number of years. Can I combine this with a preparation motor to get file position displayed during canal enlargement?

Yes. You can connect your DentaPort Root ZX apex locator to a TriAuto OTR endodontic motor using a connecting cable. This provides you with an intelligent preparation system with the new OTR function.

My battery display only shows two bars. When do I need to replace the batteries?

The batteries should be replaced soon. At best, replace the batteries as soon as the battery display starts flashing. Replace all three batteries with standard commercial batteries type AA.

The X-ray exposure shows a different result to the electrical length measurement by DentaPort Root ZX. Which method is more precise?

The actual apical foramen and the anatomical apex often do not correspond exactly. The actual apical foramen can be located in the direction of the dental crown. The x-ray exposure then shows incorrectly that the file has not reached the apex.

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