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Optimum dental workflow
optimum dental workflow Reliability, durability and timeless design are the key elements of the SX4000 dental treatment unit from Siamdent. The SX4000 represents the pinnacle of modern dental technology, offering unsurpassed comfort for the dentist, assistant and patient. The modern design form is captivating while the versatile and intuitive operator element and interface exceed the requirements of contemporary dental workflow. Following the principles of universal design, the SX4000 provides a wide range of configurations for all discerning professionals. Above all the timeless design creates a clean and calming atmosphere projecting an environment of proficiency and safety.



    The miden ergonmic desigh of the sx4000 provides effortless and comfortable access to all elements of the treatment unit for both the operator and assisnt.
    The pleasing and simple desigh form combined with uncompromising comfort ensures the patient experinces a calm and safe treament environment.

  • Standard extending headrest
    Standard extending headrest

    Standard extending headrest
    The adjustable headrest can extend to accommodate a broad range of patient sizes without comprising comfort.

  • Optional articulated headrest
    Optional articulated headrest

    Optional articulated headrest
    The articulated headrest utilizes a double pivot action to provide complete freedom of movement for the patient's comfort and operator's access.

  • Backrest movement
    Backrest movement

    Backrest movement
    The smooth and gentle movement of the backrest ensures the patient is relaxed and comfortable during all aspects of treatment

  • Height adjustment of chair and basin unit
    Height adjustment of chair and basin unit

    Height adjustment of chair and basin unit
    Designed to accommodate all patients, the height of the treatment unit offers a wide range of movement 
    (450  - 780 mm). The basin moves simultaneously for comfortable patient access.

  • Operating light with detachable handle
    Operating light with detachable handle

    Operating light with detachable handle
    The oL-n LeD operating light provides vivid natural color with high luminescence. equipped with a motion sensor, it enables non-contact control for on/off functions. The light intensity can be varied with four selectable levels controlled from the operator's element. The handles are detachable and autoclavable.

  • Optimal basin design
    Optimal basin design

    Optimal basin design
    The large smooth basin design provides optimal patient access with easy cleaning for uncompromised hygiene.

  • Operator tray
    Operator tray

    Operator's tray

    The wide tray on the doctor's element is designed to accommodate all required materials and instruments. it is equipped with five instrument lines and holders including the integrated priority system. The tray is easy to clean for ideal hygiene.

  • operator element
    operator element

    operator's element controls

    The control panel on the operator's element provides intuitive and effortelss selevtion of chair movement controls, operating light and intrument functions from the keypad. The mobile cart equiped with the operator's element is optionally available.

  • Assistant element
    Assistant element

    The assistant’s element integrates a keypad panel for adjusting essential items such as the treatment unit positions and operating light. The high power 19 mm vasumm syringe’ saliva ejector and three way are provided via an extendable arm for efficient ergonomics.

  • Foot control
    Foot control

    The ergonomically designed foot controller ensures the operator has easy control of the treatment unit positions.

    The hanger is made for the special export market only.

  • Monitor arm
    Monitor arm

    Monitor arm

    The optional monitor support arm can be installed on the light pole to allow the addition of a LCD monitor to compliment the

    treatment environment.

    Multi-function foot control

    The multi-function foot control offers true hands free

    operation. It allows adjustment for treatment unit

    controls, operating light and instruments.

  • Additional tray
    Additional tray

    The a Monitor armdditional tray can be added to the main operator's

    element to provide extra workspace.

  • Water tank
    Water tank

    High quality water including distilled or sterile water can be supplied from the water bottle to keep the waterlines clean and hygienic.

  • System Components
    System Components

    Standard configuration with OTP arm
    Operator's element as over-the-patient delivery.

  • System Components
    System Components

    Left hand configuration with OTP arm  Operator's element as over-the-patient for left hand delivery.

  • System Components
    System Components

    Standard configuration with optional mobile cart Operator's element mobile cart delivery.

  • System Components
    System Components

    Operating stool

    The stool helps the operator to keep a comfortable, healthy

    and upright posture. The armrest is elongated on both ends

    and swivels to provide more flexibility and convenience for

    the operator and assistant. An optimal seat height can be

    easily adjusted with the large ring beneath the seat.

  • specifications

    The product specificaton and appearance are subject to change without notice.

  • specifications

    The printed product colors may differ from the actual colors of the product.

    The photographs in this catalog show the dental chair with some optional devices.

  • specifications

    Name / Model:                  SX4000
    Input voltage:                   100/110/220/230/240 V
    Power consumption:          1.5 kVA
    Seat height:                      Max 780 + 20 mm
                                           Min 450 + 20 mm
    Backrest tilt angle:            70 at upright position tilt angle 2 
                                          (from horizontal level)
    Weight:                           approximately 230 kg
    Standard equipment
    Over-the-patient (OTP) arm
    Air vacuum system or Motor suction system
    thee-way syring and Vacuum syringe
    Saliva ejector
    Operating light OL-N LED
    USB connection on dentist's element
    5-Socket instrument holder
    Foot control
    Stansard hedrest
    Water element cup filler by sensor

  • specifications

    Monitor support
    micro motor Bien Air
    Micro motor TR-91
    Scaler Solfy
    Scaler Satelec Xinetic / Satelec LED Newtron
    Articulated headrest
    Water tank / Water warmer
    Amalgam separator
    Multi-function foot control
    additional tray
    OTP arm for left hand delivery
    Mobile cart

  • specifications
  • Siamdent

    Siamdent was founded in 1989 as a
    subsidiary of J. Morita Corporation
    Japan, in order to respond to the
    economic challenges and changing
    demographics within Asia.
    The Siamdent factory manufactures
    dental chair units utilizing the high
    technology and quality control
    system transferred from the Morita
    group manufacturing companies in
    Japan. Siamdent has become a B.O.I.
    approved company as a leading
    dental chair manufacturer in
    Thailand. (B.O.I. - The Board of
    Investment of Thailand)

  • Siamdent

    The Siamdent site comprises an area
    of 6,400 square meters with over 130
    employees. Siamdent also distributes
    a range of Morita brand products
    worldwide and in Thailand as the
    exclusive agent in this region.
    Siamdent and its employees
    constantly strive to perfect the
    company vision and mission which
    is to achieve the highest level of
    customer satisfaction by providing
    world-class quality products and


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